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Related article: Tanned and smooth of 976 - coal was always tanned. Bronze is dark copper color that gives n of too much sun. I sail a lot and spend my free time the local nudist beach, so that tan the skin. Some people probably confuse me with a foreign origin, because of this, not for my long straw flowing - blonde hair. He wore his hair all the time you have the time to navigate and I like both. it's really some heads turned my way! with shoulder-length hair and let out a lock of golden hair above my muscle shirt and hairy armpits, many people might think I love the hair. that is surprised that the rest of my body to be completely delete without hair! Regularly shaving body hair, so is the rest of my body as smooth as a baby. Even my back smooth as glass. I really like the journey of the body without hair! In fact, I think constantly about my ​​hairless body in my work and pto wear. How I can get an erection many times during the the day when I think of my pubic shaving. Just write about it here makes me grab my dick and starts to squeeze. I love hard. My story begins when I was about 16 years and just had pubic hair. was easy to germinate and it was what had happened neast with me to this point in my life. He also began to receive hard when n I looked in the mirror. I had a great body looking for with weight lifting he was doing at that time. I was a little thin n Until then, and always very shy with my body in the shower at school. Many of the tough guys against us when we arrived at N puberty, you know, like rib other guys can. They also have Craked me because I was not cut, a rariety in our school. I hid the queue in front of them in about his back to the kids. It looked bad for me. Mike was behind me when I least expected it, and that put his hands around my waist and I could do it at all me. "Hey guys, it has a tail like a horse," he said. "skin, the puppy back, so it looks like the rest of us," scolded a in jest. Sam came a time when Mike stopped me and said, "Hey, , if not your skin look for yourself, see how we do it for him. " was semi- Naked Preteen Boys hard cheese at this point Sam and me and bent tail the foreskin back Naked Preteen Boys as Mike keeps me under control. When Sam the finger touched my cock hardening, which began to reach even more difficult. For a few seconds, pulled out every time Sam put the foreskin back on top of the tail and let go, to push back the foreskin and cover again. At that time I could not take the time to slowly realize Sam was essentially beating me. Finally, the tail would be sufficiently strong that the foreskin remain in force, but my penis was hard as a line of iron. View others soon would be too heavy, but s at the end of the court was that we did. The following year, my body hair was thick and curly. that It is Sam and I becams that we accept the two the swim team. I've always been a swimmer at the time. I I do not remember if it was the coach of the idea or Sams, but this year We decided that we shave. We had heard of regular swimmers shave their bodies to reduce drag in the water of the pool. Since the two were enter the competition, every little detail that could increase the speed of our s was a fair game. My first shave was in Sam's house. we have of his room to talk about an upcoming meeting, as he said " You know, I think I 'm going with Wilson" shaving meet. I joked with for which only Peachfuzz shaving and would not help him girls become faster. "No, " he said, "I will save a few seconds From my time to shave my body. It's nice ! " I was surprised attention to his suggestion and did not know what to say. " Well, I think crazy. You can not even half the hair on the body. As want to do ?" I asked. We talked about many ways to shave, but always changeand new not allowed to shave the back or jerk effectiveness, where had a few hairs. I asked him why he had to shave the idiot anyway, because there are covered by Speedo. "When I go to shave my body, I will not do half," he smiled. was decided to use a razor and lather. That was before shaving gels, and he must have had a lot of courage ! He went to his bathroom and has a razor, and filled the sink with hot water. " Well, let me know how it goes ", which was when I went to the door, he said. He asked me to wait, just in case he butcher. Why was not sure. We had seen naked n in the shower than a hundred times and had another hard every a so it should not be a surprise, I thought. Sam out of his shirt and pants and had his pants. The soapy in the legs and went to work. We talked about many things, such as n slowly pulled the knife on his body, pulled her hair, as left. A couple of times when heleg up to get in, I was wincing my ​​cock and had to change its position. Sam foam chest and little by little all her hair too. When he came to realized that due to the size of the arms, could not n to get all the support. I was chosen for the honor. I very careful with my heart in my throat n, soaped his back and slowly remove the hair that remains. As he leaned forward and said " foam to work n my ass, I almost fainted ! When my hands slowly and carefully followed the curve his ass expanding foam, heavy tail could mean yet. was the burden of the tissues. it's what the boys of a school called covered jeans! carefully, I took Sam 's ass hair and tenderness around shave your ass. the pink was pretty and sexy n from time to time I realized that feeding meat and, as I n the knife close to him. Finally, Sam had hair down the shoulders and stared in the sameThe mirror. His penis was hard, but I was dressed , not knowing that I too hard as a rock. "Your turn " commanded, as a hairdresser too late for dinner. I froze. " Hey, I 'm not going to do that," I said, even though I had to add to me that his hairless body turns me on. "Well, I sure as hell n AMD not only be the case. In addition Your hair is not so remarkable. There you go. That I n as a friend. We are teammates and teammates bathroom hold it together. " took me to the bathroom and before I knew it, I also was naked. He was shampooing. There was a feeling, with its hands all over my body. My tail stuck out. " Get that tail under control or it can let you slip the knife," he joked n when I felt the sharp blade glides easily over my body. He turned I was so moved that he could get all the hairs of mine. with skill of a surgeon, who held the razor and I soon found hairless. While shaving my back, I could notlp, but I think that his naked body so close to me. His hard cock so in my neighborhood, my body shaking a few times, but discreetly to him. We stood side by side in front, full-length mirror n, Just look what he did. My eyes were on our way pubic area and now I remembered what we'd like to see the in the shower last year, when he grabbed me first. The more vi in us, the better able we saw, or rather, rather than using ot what it seemed. Sam pulled his tail down, so that that delighted in the place where your hair fine pubic hair can be used. I did the same. We were looking for the points we lost and Sam are on me. He knelt before the n of me and pulling my cock filled with blood. The head was getting the foreskin, and his right hand rested warm just out n for a time, while his right index finger rubbing my pubic area Search for hair. He took the knife and returned to position. He moved to the bottom of mythickness to remove the in which touch the body that had lost earlier. A small drop in pre -cum had formed at the tip of my cock. He realized this as He scratched a few stray hairs on my dick. He touched find a finger and out, wiped it on his chest. Sam also checked. There were some hair -point, , but was able to delete sent. I had to grab his cock and bullets some time I have to remove some stubborn hair to stay. This was the first time I've had "apparatus" other guys treated. I found a strange sensation to say the least. When it was Sam cock and Naked Preteen Boys balls, his cock jumped slightly off and I could clearly Puslat see the veins in your tube. I had to check, the ass to make sure no hair there. When I touched your ass s, I could see her pink ass some flutter, when he stopped at , y. I was laughing when he went to play a little game n with Sam. I like to touch the skin near her ass, only tosee occur wrinkles. I had to be careful with the knife, so that is not interrupted. When I was finished and ready to wear, Sam began to complain I told him shave. I seem to be scraping n too close to her ass and her eggs. It was a medicine cabinet and has a squeeze bottle of Solarcaine lotion I had to run around her ass. He leaned over and I stayed behind him, slowly massage the lotion in asscheaks and its up to her hole. My hands are Naked Preteen Boys small and large circles in the ass and I rubbed the lotion on the skin. While my hands were working slowly under his balls, his ass really started to shake. I was really into this now! that turned and rubbed more lotion on his balls and to the shaft of his penis, when it suddenly started shaking almost uncontrolably. Without warning, shot milky white sperm of its staff and all over my chest. Seeing this, he pushed Sam pats on the back anddirected his sperm in my pubic area naked. I was speechless, but he broke the silence with " See what has to be me " and smiled wryly. Before I could get my thought he was back in the face n and the spread of semen on my hard cock. I could not up to, but I knew what I was doing. I was masturbating and had to do with his own sperm, no! I was Naked Preteen Boys on my back to with fists, but he beat me again hitting the fist smooth. I liked the feeling of another man 's hand on my dick, , but I got through it in something. These feelings found began to disappear as she approached an orgasm. Meanwhile, I n with the flow and cared less who was with my cock. Sam lifted the ass to my face and grabbed her hot mouth in my ​​ass, which protrudes from the vagina. He began to moves the head up and down and sucked my Diak Swole to all it was worth. I was about to end, and discovered that my breathing was very strong. I refunctionalized, which, as I breathed, I breathed the breath directly into her ass pink. that s has pursed with every breath ! n ow I felt my sperm on its way from my balls and to the shart with the familiar tingling. in only seconds later I was filming with his cum in the mouth of Sam, and he waved n all in the head of my cock. He was playing my ​​balls and made ​​me drink more milk ! Sam finally absorbed n my dry and had nothing to give. I was exhausted. rolled off me and I just stood there, panting. Could feel a slight finger pressure massage lotion all over my body. did not care, and could not move, if I did. My energy was spent. I do not know how much later it was, but I opened my eyes to see, Sam standing in front of me and straw. His cock was pretty weak, I think there was quite astonished Solarcaine n bits. I stayed there for about 5 minutes, seeing him standing looking at me. I started to stroke my own unconscious big as he did the same for himself. The feeling was fantastic as I moved my other hand to smooth the body. I in the second heaven. Soon both got into the shower and wash the semen encrusted lotion and went home. Do not talk much during our excursion, but I'm sure Sam knew that I did not mention a anyone what had happened because I was a participant. When I walked into the privacy of my bedroom, I pulled down and I saw in the full-length mirror. I was very beginning to change the look of my new body shaved like! This night, that started and found to drink more milk in me as used to be. It must have been feeling completely naked I've seen from this. The next day was our last practice day before the big pool will meet on Saturday. I have purposely late in the gym, so I could, without shame to see someone wearing shaving. I swim sometimes even surprises me. I cut a few seconds my ​​previous score fast ! The coach called me after practice, while the rest of the guys went to the showers. The coach told me on Saturday if I could swim, we s a good chance of winning the match. He spoke as if I lord of the team. This was the first When I was in the shower all the guys were there the water. Sam smiled. Suddenly, the boys of n pounced on me and started hitting me on the back and shoulders. " Way to go! ", "Make it like the Sabbath," were the comments. Then I felt someone Naked Preteen Boys touching my waist, and suddenly There were shouts of " Do it", "Do it". My panties came n and I was naked and start completely bald. children were apart and I started to carry out the costume to the main course. As I carried out In the locker room, the lights were brighter, said Tim that I shaved and started shouting and whooping cough. all n entered in a circle around me and I could not hide. " Why is every bit of hair shavedhis body, " someone said. n I got a good deal of razzing of all. I could say in defense of my s was: " Hey, if I can help you swim faster, why not? " This statement of a few seconds to sink, but if did most of the boys began to arrive at an agreement. I broke my own record! " Shit man, I do not shave under his suit can help, "said Milo. " Well, I was not hurt, "he said. I told them that he did n I feel so different that I feel every muscle and every n may in what my body was doing to concentrate every minute. s I have done this kind of shit, I looked around, and Sam n to get some type of reinforcement. He was nowhere to be found. later told me that his trip had come early and left. Yes, well to the left, I left in the lurch, I had hoped, lightly. But the next day was my colleagues ask me what I shave. cut without me Sam said: "Damn, is simple. I did last night. Stop by my house after school now, and I'll give you some lotion. I passed him, but hear THAt Most of the team has done ! I guess he shaved On the other hand, since s three new school records this Saturday and was the fastest! But that was then. Now, do not shave their armpits because the hair is too thick, and I get a rash when sweating. all n else shave below the shoulders though. I turned to , when I have finished surfing and strip down and lay on a towel, Naked as Jaybird ! With my eyes mostly closed, I can see a guys around me looking at my smooth body. Nude beaches in may be looking, but these guys really know what I'm as hairless, except that the long, flowing hair on the head. A Sometimes I wonder how many of them go home and start a shave their bodies. Then back to my rock erection does not last to show I have a series of relationships since Sam and I shaved to each other ( with a couple of Sam himself, before he moves ). I I guess I always embrace that first special moment with a guy, because I learned a lotSam and he helped me to see what I am exhibionist !
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